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Allard Law has been one of the leaders in graduate legal education in Canada. Since the launch of the first LLM program at UBC five decades ago, our graduate students have made important contributions to our research community and to the development of law in Canada and around the world. Our research and professional programs connect scholarship and the expertise of our faculty with some of the finest young lawyers and scholars from Canada. They work together to enhance public understanding of the law, and to initiate important legal reforms in Canada and other parts of the world.

This website presents the independent research projects of our current graduate students and alumni, celebrates their awards and publications, and shares their stories about their professional development and the impact their work has made locally and internationally. These pages provide you with an insight into the future of law as an academic discipline; they are about advancing the state of legal knowledge and the promise of legal, political and social change.

Ljiljana Biukovic, Associate Dean Graduate and Professional Programs

Further Reading for You

Professor Pooja Parmar

For Dr. Pooja Parmar, returning to school for graduate studies was a way of finding answers to the many questions about law and justice she had begun to think about during her eight years of law practice in New Delhi, India.

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Si Hao, Ph.D.

Si Hao’s Ph.D. research of corporate social responsibility straddles the conventional divide between law and corporate endogenous reform and seeks to connect both to the broader issues of regulation and governance.

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Moira Aikenhead, Ph.D. Student

Moira Aikenhead completed her LL.M. Thesis Revisions to Canada’s Sentencing Regime as a Remedy to the Over-Incarceration of Persons with Mental Disabilities at Allard School of Law in 2014.

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Maira Hassan, LL.M. Student

In her current undertaking in the research-based LLM at the University of British Columbia, inspired by her research work with Saskia Hufnagel on Women in International Policing, predominantly in the European context, Maira Hassan aspires now to dive into the Canadian perspective of women in peacekeeping under the supervision of Professor Benjamin Perrin.

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