Welcome From the New Associate Dean

It is a pleasure to add my own words of welcome to the Graduate Research portal at Allard Law. As then Associate Dean Ljiljana Biukovic highlighted when this portal was launched two years ago, our graduate programs have a long and distinguished history. Over the decades, graduate students from all over Canada and around the world have joined and contributed to our vibrant community. Thinking back to my own days in law school, I remember the thrill of having two LL.M. students from the Philippines and New Zealand in a seminar on Indigenous Peoples in International and Comparative Law. Hearing them discuss their research and being able to interact with them in and out of class had a profound impact on my way of thinking about the law and its ability to advance social justice.

Working with leading scholars across a variety of fields, and employing a diverse range of methodological and theoretical approaches, our graduate students conduct research that has enhanced the understanding of law and its possibilities both within the scholarly community and in the broader community, nationally and internationally. Though this site we invite you to learn about the research of our current students and our alumni, and to join us in celebrating their achievements.

Professor Karin Mickelson
Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Professional Programs

Further Reading for You

Professor Robert Diab

Professor Diab began graduate studies in law at the Allard School of Law at UBC in 2006 and returned for the PhD in law in 2009. After completing his LLM, and with encouragement from Professors Wesley Pue, Robin Elliot and others at Allard Law, Professor Diab developed his thesis into a book titled “Guantanamo North: Terrorism and the Administration of Justice in Canada” (Fernwood, 2008). Working with Professor Pue again for the PhD, Professor Diab chose to expand the scope of his research to include developments in national security in the United States as well as Canada.

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Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick, Ph.D. Candidate

Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick was awarded SSHRC support for her doctoral work. For her PhD dissertation, supervised by Dr. Emma Cunliffe, she will analyze court transcripts and other official records pertaining to the incarceration of women. She will examine the cycle through which prison as an institution engenders distress in women, whose coping mechanisms may then be treated with greater punitiveness by correctional authorities.

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Ivona-Elena Zegrean, LL.M. Student

Ivona loves the freedom of discovery offered by academic research and the process of thinking about the law, of exploring ideas, and of making unexpected connections. Her main area of research is competition law, and she adopts a comparative approach to the issues she studies. As she has a keen interest in the broader implications of competition policy on business strategy, her work is informed to a large extent by economic theory, especially by industrial organization scholarship.

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Welcome to Graduate Research

This website presents the independent research projects of our current graduate students and alumni, celebrates their awards and publications, and shares their stories about their professional development and the impact their work has made locally and internationally.

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